Saturday, 26 May 2012

Danny Hylton and the Racism Saga - My thoughts

When I heard the news about Danny Hylton being given an 8 game ban for racism, I was shocked. Not because of the length of the ban but because of who was being given the ban. I would never have had Danny Hylton down as a racist, never. He seems like a nice guy, not one to be racist. Now let me give my opinion, racism is disgusting and appalling. I am struggling to get behind Danny Hylton because I just find racism so awful. However, he is a player at the club I love so I have to throw some support behind him. Friends of Danny Hylton took to twitter to say it was all a mistake, Danny would never be racist and I hope they are right.
      A few things confuse me about this whole thing. Why has he only just been sentenced on a incident that happened quite a while ago? Why did it take the FA such a long time to react? Also, where is the evidence coming from? The evidence always confuses me in racism. When Luis Suarez was convicted of racism by the FA the evidence came from no one else but the victim himself, Patrice Evra. I do not understand how the FA can only go on evidence from the victim. The victim could say absolutely anything, blow the incident out of proportion. I personally think more evidence is needed in racism trials. The message the FA is sending out regarding the length of bans for racism is also bad. Joey Barton was recently given a 12 game ban for being punched himself, kneeing somebody in the back then pretending to headbutt somebody? Yes, this deserves a ban and I am not saying that Barton should get away scott free. However, if you insult somebody on the colour of their skin, which is downright appalling, you will get a smaller ban than getting in a small scuffle with some other players. I am worried I am making out that Joey Barton has been treated unfairly here and that is not what I want to do. The FA were right to give Joey the ban, he assaulted other players, he lost his head. What I am trying to say is that I think the ban for racism should be equal to that of Joey Bartons.
      I hope Danny Hylton learns from his mistakes and comes back a stronger player but more importantly, a stronger man.

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